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What People are Saying

Orchard saved my sanity and made me feel secure after my email account had been hacked. The relief I felt was truly incredible.

- Belle T.

I could not have chosen a new (used) computer, installed everything from my old computer to the new one, and worked out the inevitable glitches without the help of the team at Bryan and the team at Orchard!

- Patsy M.

The Orchard team and my Techie, Lucy, have not only been responsive in a very timely manner, but patient, knowledgeable and efficient. You all have not only assisted both my sister (92yrs. Old) and me (83 yrs. Old) with technical problems, but also with installations, scam scares, and general electronic advice.  And all of the services have been given with patience and kind support.  

- Barbara R.

Though I have used my computer for more than 15 years, I never had an understanding of the system -- and all that I could do with it -- as I have learned this year working with Camille of Orchard.

- Don R.

They are knowledgeable, they answered my questions specifically, and they always made sure that I understood what we had just gone over.

- Sarah M.