To empower people of all ages to do more with technology.

Our Story

Our Mission

To empower people of all ages to experience more with technology.

Modern technology was meant to make life easier - and that's what we make sure of for everyone.

Our Founder

Ming Yang

Growing up taking care of her mom and grandma, she observed the limitation that a lack of digital skill has in older adults' lives. With a Computer Engineering background, Ming carries her experience working at Apple and Microsoft to design enjoyable tech experiences for people that didn't grow up with technology. Her goal is to make technology equally accessible to older adults as it is to the younger generation, allowing them to do more and accomplish more in this fast changing digital age.

Some of Our Favorite Techies


Coffee and Tech Enthusiast
Studying Computer Engineering


Aspiring NASA Engineer
Studying Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Passion for Helping People
Pursuing Master's in Mental Health Counseling Education

Our Values

People First, Technology Second

We maximize people's ability with technology, not maximizing the technology itself.

Different Generations, One Team

We share knowledge with our customers, we look out for what's best for them, and we always have their back, because that's what teammates do for each other.

Building Independence

We understand the emotional value of being able to accomplish things independently. That's why we record your lessons for you for easy reference and continued learning in the future.

Empowering New Experiences

We help our customers build confidence so they are empowered to leverage technology to experience more in their lives.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

We believe in the pursuit of knowledge and improvement no matter where we are in life, whether that's learning the technology, or learning from our customers.