Empowering older adults to experience more with technology.

Our Mission

At Orchard, we strive to restore technological independence to our community by educating and relieving stressful, frustrating tech-related issues. Our team at Orchard helps our customers step by step in the comfort of their own homes so they can learn and grow. Modern technology was meant for making life easier - and that’s how it should be, and that's what we teach.

Our Story

Ming Yang, our Founder and CEO, used to drive 300 miles every weekend to go home and help her mom apply for Social Security Disability online. She then wondered, what would have happened if she wasn't able to be there to help her mom with technology? Would her mom not have received health insurance because she didn't know how to use the computer? Concerned for both her mother and others new to technology, Ming decided to build a company that both relieves the frustration of long-distance caretakers like her, while restoring technological independence to those who need it. Voila, Orchard was born.

Our Team

Ming Yang

Ming is a graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. From her experience working at Apple and Microsoft, Ming learned to combine her empathetic intuition with her technical knowledge to create Orchard.

Sahil Deschenes

Sahil Deschenes

Sahil is an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Florida. As operations manager, he uses his passion for efficiency to deliver the best experience possible for the Orchard community.

Marco Muñoz

Marco Muñoz

Marco is a graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Equipped with both tutoring experience and passion for computers, Marco strives to combine both sympathy and technology to serve effectively as Orchard’s engineering lead.

Putting People First, Technology Second

We maximize our customers' ability with technology, not maximizing the technology itself.

Building Independence

We understand the emotional value of being able to accomplish things independently. That's why we teach our customers everything we can, so they need us less. We also do all the tedious setup work on their devices, so the devices themselves need less care.

Different Generations, One Team

We share knowledge with our customers, we look out for what's best for them, and we always have their back, because that's what teammates do for each other.

Empowering New Experiences

We help our customers build confidence so they are empowered to leverage technology to experience more in their lives.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

We believe in the pursuit of knowledge and improvement no matter where we are in life, whether that's learning the technology, or learning from our customers. As the world evolves and technology advances, we will be at the front to learn and help our customers do the same.