Orchard Tech Coach Application

As a Tech Coach you will:

●  Travel to homes of customers and help them with their devices.

●  Explain technical concepts using non-technical terms.

●  Keep patience and empathy when they are frustrated.

●  Maintain a task list that you and your client work on together continuously to help them achieve their goals.

●  Sometimes write out instruction notes for client as you are teaching for their reference later on.

You must have:

●  Your own transportation. A car, a bike, a unicycle.

●  Great organizational skills to keep track of tasks.

●  Empathy and patience, especially toward people drastically different than you.

●  Positivity, because you will provide confidence and stress release for older adults.

●  An attentive personality, because you will be helping your clients keep track of goals.

●  An open heart and a willing mind.

Would be nice for you to have:

● Tutoring or teaching experience.

●  Customer service experience.

●  Experience working with children or elders.

●  Experience working in the technology industry.


As a coach, you will not be responsible to teach them how to do their work on these software, only how to use these software for their work. For example, you will not need to teach a client on how to create great graphics on Canva, but you will show them the tools the Canva offer and guide them through the technology part.
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