The COVID-19 vaccine signup process varies from state-to-state and county-by-county. There are eligibility requirements, appointment request systems, and other important, yet stressful, challenges to navigate.

For older adults who aren’t comfortable with technology, locating a vaccination site and scheduling the actual vaccination can be a daunting task. 

With information changing on a daily basis, we at Orchard are monitoring COVID-19 vaccination updates from all 50 states and are proud to offer free 20-minute phone assistance to older adults trying to navigate the vaccine signup process.

We provide assistance in three easy steps:

1. Locating the signup form or scheduling system for your county.
2. Verifying the most accurate vaccine signup information for your county.
3. Navigating the online registration process. 

Note: While we provide assistance in using the technology to research information and help you navigate the signup process, we will not schedule your vaccination on your behalf.  


1. You must be 65 years old or older.
2. You must be receiving federal aid such as Medicaid, SNAP, or earning an annual income that is below 300 percent of the federal poverty level. Learn more here.

If you are eligible, call us at 1-833-571-1005, then press option 3 schedule your free 20-minutes service call. If you are not eligible and would still like to receive help, we are offering a special discount for vaccine sign-up navigation service. Call us at 1-833-571-1005, then press option 2.

Once you call, you will be directed to an automated voice messaging system where you will leave us your name and location information. We will then call you within 24 hours with vaccine sign up information that we have researched for your specific situation.

For general inquiries, contact us at

Get Technology Help with Navigating the COVID-19 Vaccine Signup Process