What are your rates?

This depends on if you are looking for one-time help or on-going coaching and assistance! One-time help with a Tech Coach online is $50 for an hour session, pro-rated by the minute. Most people that are looking for on-going coaching and support use our Avid Learner memberships, because it gives them consistent learning sessions with a Tech Coach every two weeks or so, and they can call in anytime to ask quick question, free. Avid Learner membership is $50 a month. For people that are looking to get big help or set up a few times a year, but want to have us on their beck and call to ask any questions or get light troubleshooting unlimited for free, they sign up for the Everyday Membership, which is $180 a year. Learn more about the difference between the memberships here.

If my Techie isn't able to help me with my problem, did I just waste my monthly session?

Not at all. If we can't help you, that session will not count. If your techie isn't able to help you, we will send someone else to help you until we solve your problems. Your monthly session credit will still remain.

Do you come to me, or do I go to you?

We do our virtual sessions over Zoom and Whereby. Don't worry, if you've never used Zoom, we will show you how to use it for free. For our in-person session, we travel to you, wherever you are. It could be your home, the local library, or a coffee shop.

What area do you cover?

We serve everywhere around the world for our virtual sessions. We are offering our in-person session in North Central Florida.