How much do you charge?

We're running a limited-time pilot rate of $40 for the first 30 minutes, and $30 for each additional half hour. You can find more details on our pricing page here.

If my techie isn't able to help me with my problem, do I still have to pay the full amount?

Not at all. If we can't help you, we won't charge a cent. If your techie isn't able to help you, we will send a back up techie free of charge to you, or do everything we can to help.

How It Works

Do you come to me or do I go to you?

We travel to you, wherever you are. It could be your home, the local library, or a coffee shop.

What area do you cover?

We are currently based in Gainesville, FL and primarily serve the Gainesville community. But we are in the process of expansion so let us know here if you would like us to come to you!