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As a Techie, not only will you be joining the Orchard family, you will also be entering the lives of every customer you come across. Often, you will be their safety net and shining light while you teach them how technology could augment their abilities and enhance their lives. If we have to get more cheesy about this, we think of Orchard as the powerhouse that charges and fuels our Techies, so you could go out and bring happiness to the lives that you touch.

Why Should You?

Flexible Schedule

Work when you want. You will travel to homes and help customers during the hours you choose.

Technical Experience

We will help you master the skills of teaching and problem solving something that will take you far in any career.

High Impact

You won't change the world, but you will change the customer's lives.

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Techie FAQ

How many hours can I expect to work per week?

As a part time role, our Techies average about 10 hours a week. This is just an estimate that may change based on the market and the amount of calls we receive from customers each week.

Do I get paid for the time it takes me to travel to the customer's home?

For every completed in-person appointment, the Techie receives a flat fee of $7.50 to cover the cost of travel.

What is the most common problem customer's have?

Most customers request assistance with their computers, however many also have tablets and smartphones. We cover all devices from smart speakers, TVs, WiFi, etc. We do our best to match the devices that you are most confident in the customers that need assistance with those devices.

How far do I have to travel to customer's homes?

We do our best to match you with appointments that are close to you, the typical appointment is less than 20 min away depending on the market.

Any additional questions? We would be happy to answer them! Email: